We work on the basis that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and that merely overlaying ‘industry best practice’ will not be the perfect solution to your individual needs.

We believe that your people are the experts in your business and a key element of our role is coaching your staff, identifying and empowering your own experts and imparting the knowledge, tools and skills to implement your vision.

High Performing

Working with Executive Management Teams, we review and build a framework for your business to become a High Performing Organisation.

The key to optimal and sustainable success is a truly holistic approach. We review all elements of your organisation design, employee lifecycle and supporting processes, identifying which elements are working well, fine tuning where necessary, finding any blockages to success and ensuring that they are all aligned to deliver optimal results.

High Performing

Working with Leaders at all levels of your organisation, our solutions are practical, realistic and aligned to them. Depending on your level, role and responsibilities and the complexity of your organisation, we work to optimise your team effect and output.

We facilitate strategy workshops with your staff to co-create sustainable change that sees your productivity rise along with your engagement. We also offer state of the art staff engagement tools to help measure all team improvement activities.

and Management

In business, management and leadership are important and are interdependent. Some see management as the business of processes, resources and efficiency, and leadership as the source of vision, support and challenge.

There is also a mutual relationship between leadership and management at the organisational level. If there is an imbalance, then the establishment suffers.

Organisations where there is leadership, but a lack of management, tend to depend too much on a charismatic figure and have great ideas, but be too chaotic and without the structures to implement them. Where management exists without leadership, the organisation is generally dependable, but resistant to change and lacking inspiration and vision. Because civilian companies tend to be management heavy, the significance of leadership in the military can wrongly lead to a lack of focus on, or even a disparaging view of, management.


When we were approached by the executive of a large government department to find solutions to their negative workplace culture, our deep dive strategy enabled us to glean as much information as possible about the business processes. Often many of the organisational issues stem from misaligned business processes.

We read their SOPs, training documentation, observed the leadership team meetings, staff briefings, read the results of their latest engagement survey/staff feedback, and went out with the staff to observe operations. This was critical in forming a full understanding of why the culture was needing to be addressed.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

For any change to be successful and sustainable in a business it requires a well developed Change Management Strategy. We will assist in the creation of a change management plan for you, which includes everything from the design of engagement and communication plans to business readiness assessments and BAU handover documentation and plans.

Speaking /
Presentations /
Business Breakfasts

We also provide motivational packages to enthuse your team. Talks on High Performance Teams, Loneliness of Leadership, Vision Leadership™, are some of the engagements we have already facilitated, comparing the similarities of military life to that of the commercial ‘battlefield’.

Using Vision Leadership™ we develop your critical assets to reach their optimal performance so you can work as an effective team and develop a culture of high performance your business has always strived for to ensure you defeat your competition.


You and your managers come from different backgrounds and have different outlooks on life and business. We train them to see things from different perspectives. You might be a strategic thinker and one of your colleagues might be a detail orientated thinker.

Your staff need to be able to communicate well with one another. We will train you to get the most out of different personality types, empowering all staff to communicate effectively in order to facilitate increased productivity and harmony in the workplace.